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Rose Quartz Incense Holder

This beautiful handmade Rose Quartz Incense holder, has been specifically designed for use with our À T U M handmade incense sticks.

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This beautiful handmade Rose Quartz Incense holder, has been specifically designed for use with our À T U M handmade incense sticks. The layers of Rose Quartz woven through the À T U M incense sticks will be amplified when used in conjunction with this Rose Quartz holder, meaning that you get a super dose of the medicine and energetics that Rose Quartz medicine has to offer. 

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love, a gentle and potent reminder to those that work with it of your own true nature. 

These bases are hand shaped and so each piece is unique with its own organic feel.

This beautiful handmade Rose Quartz Incense holder, has been specifically designed for use with our À T U M handmade incense sticks.


Rose Quartz is part of the Quartz family and has a hexagonal crystalline structure.  The sacred geometry of stones is significant, it not only reveals something about their personality but it is what allows crystals to hold large amounts of data and broadcast it across time/space. Did you know that every mobile phone and computer has a small piece of clear quartz in its operating system which is what holds all the data on that device and facilitates its transmission? True!

The upward triangle of a hexagon is the elemental symbol for fire, the masculine. The downward facing triangle the elemental symbol for the earth, the feminine. There is a beautiful yin and yang quality of the masculine and feminine principles at play here, which is in perfect alignment with the core vision of the À T U M collection. 

À T U M is designed as a celebration of the the divine masculine and feminine archetypes and all that is birth forward from their union. 

Yes, you absolutely do. When you burn the incense it leaves a resin residue that you will want to clean away. To clean your Rose Quartz incense holder wash it in warm soapy water, using a mild natural chemical free soap. Mild and chemical free is important.

Crystals absorb both negative and positive vibrations from their environment. If you do not clear a crystal and it has absorbed negative energy, it will remain trapped in the crystal and amplify through your space until you clean it. The amplified frequency good or bad, will spill into your space and will continue to do so until it is cleansed and the crystal reset. 

The easiest and most efficient way to cleanse your Rose Quartz incense holder is to place it in a salt water solution. You will need to repeat this salt water cleanse every couple of months but trust your intuition and go with what it is telling you. Two months is a general guide.

This cleansing practise is part of a two-part cleansing ritual outlined by Luke Blue Eagle. The first half of this protocol was done prior to despatching to you, so that your crystal arrives to you fully reset and recharged.

Once you have cleansed in a salt bath, you may want to leave it on the grass in a semi shaded area for a short period of time, again trust your instinct. It might be a couple of hours, a day or a few days they are all right.

Rose quartz can vary from a pink so pale it almost looks white to a medium to dark pink.

Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart. Rose Quartz has revealed itself as a tool to realign us with our capacity for unconditional love. Working with this stone takes you deep into the chambers of the heart and allows you to connect with the heart’s essence which is pure and limitless. Supporting you to recalibrate any dis-ease in your own heart to its original source frequency. This stone is a stone which connects us to our own source consciousness.

Shamanism is a cosmology that our Indigenous ancestors used to steward generation upon generation through their Earth walk. The principles are closely aligned with nature and have a deeply embodied understanding of consciousness and life. We have used some of these principles to birth forward Love Alkemy and the `A T U M collection.

Yes, they have. Using Shamanic techniques these Rose Quartz incense holders have been cleared of trauma and the spirit of Rose Quartz returned to the wand. Offerings have been made to both the Earth Mother and Deva of Rose Quartz to give thanks for these Earthly gifts and the medicine they offer us.

These Shamanic practices support the transition of Rose Quartz from its place below the Earth to above it. 

The process that takes place here is not unlike a human birth. Laying peacefully under the Earth’s crust for hundreds or thousands of years, the process of mining crystals, even when ethically mined can be traumatic for the Earth and the crystals. Just as we can leave our body when we experience trauma so too can the spirit of the crystal. It is transitioning from the womb of the Earth’s crust, where it was dark and at one with the body of the Earth mother, to an above ground experience of individuation and light.

Just like a houseplant or a pet needs care, so do crystals. Cleansing and recharging are important if you decide to become a crystal momma or papa. I encourage you to take your crystal parenting duties seriously.

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