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“When women gather, magic happens.”



When women gather magic happens. If you have never sat in a women’s circle then it is hard to understand the magic I speak of. As a seeker, I have tried many modalities on my spiritual path and I can sincerely say that one of the most profound experiences in my life was the first time I sat in a circle of women. To be witnessed, heard and held in a safe and loving space was some of the most cathartic medicine I had ever received.

Sister Kin women’s circles has been birthed with the intention of seeding a sacred space for women within our community. A space where sisters from all walks of life can come together to connect, hold space for each other and share from the heart.

No judgement, no ego, just a group of women turning up and sharing a snippet of their reality. As it goes, each one of those women I sat in circle with was a mirror for an aspect of myself that somehow understood each sister’s struggle or celebration. It was a humbling reminder that each of us walks with a story and you truly do not know what is going on for people. It was also a reminder that we have a lot more in common than we do differences.

“ a humbling reminder that each of us walks with a story and you truly do not know what is going on for people.”

There is deep humility in this witnessing and alongside this humility, separatism seems to fall away. I hope this small sharing gives you a sense of the depth of medicine that these gatherings have the capacity to hold.

In a modern world that is complex and stressful, sacred spaces such as these become more and more important within our communities, especially because the family and community structures that are important to tribal creatures like ourselves have been diluted. For many these spaces are no longer a place where we draw our main source of support and as result many women are feeling isolated and alone, this leading to depression and anxiety and an array of other mental health issues.

Sister Kin women’s circles is a safe place where we can fill the gaps we may have in our family, social and or community circles. A place where we can tend to our heart hearth and to the power of connection and community, where we remember and tend to the art of listening and vulnerability. A place where we tend to ourselves and to each other as we remember the deep medicine that this simple and yet profound act of gathering holds for us.

The space is held by me, Tanya Curmi. I have been a student of various aspects of Shamanism for the past 12 years. All my offerings are woven through a shamanic lens. What this means is that what I/we weave in the physical is supported at the quantum level too. I open this space up in a sacred wheel and work with my guides so that they may support all of us in our processes with as much grace and ease as possible. Always asking that they work in our highest interest and the highest interest of all.

While each circle may be a little different depending on what is coming through closer to the date what will remain constant for your exchange is: a smudge prior to each circle, a meditation, an organic loose leaf herbal tea, I usually offer Rose when the sisters gather, a beautifully curated space. An opportunity to share, to be held, to be witnessed.

Feel free to come along for a single session to feel out this powerful experience. The exchange for a single 2 hour session, $40 PH, $80 per session. I highly encourage committing to a 3 session pass. This will allow you to deepen into all facets of this experience. The exchange for a 3 session pass $210, $35 PH.

This offering is suitable for women who are 18 years plus.

If you have any questions about this offering please reach out to me on my Instagram page @lovealkemy. If you have found this offering by accident and like what you read, please feel free to jump onto my Instagram page and follow along.

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