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It didn't take long for both of us to fall for each other. 

My favourite thing about Alex is his character, his heart. 
YOUR NAME · Kaina Morais
STAR SIGN HIS/HERS ·  Cancer · Leo
WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP IN LIFE ?  Nature, the ocean, art, love, good food and good people



We met at a party in Bondi through mutual friends. We have been together for over 6 years and what I can say about our relationship is that exist a lot of love, respect and we are always learning from each other. 

We find pleasure in simple things. Alex likes surfing and I love the beach so we are always happy to explore different beaches or spend some time in nature. We also like to cook or go out for dinner. 

It wasn’t love at first sight, but almost. It didn’t take too long for both of us to fall for each other. Alex came to talk to me at a party and straight away asked me out for dinner. I’ve found this very unusual for an Australian guy. Well, we went for dinner, we kissed. It was on the next date that we stayed together.

My favourite thing about Alex is his character, his heart. He cares about people and about me. I feel like the most special girl on earth with Alex. We also can talk for ages about “deep” subjects. 

There were difficult times, like when he had to live in LA for a while. We were only together for 9 months when he had to go to LA for work, he ended up living there for over a year and so were in long distance relationship for a while. He would fly back every 2 weeks! After this stint in LA, Alex went through a difficult period. That time was very hard for us both but I never thought about leaving him. We came to the other side with the help of plant medicine. We did a ceremony together and after that everything started shifting in a marvellous way. Thanks, Mama.

Our magic is to never give up on each other, respecting our time alone and also having our own life independent of each other. We are transparent about our feelings, good communication is the key. 

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