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Handmade Incense Sticks

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ÀTUM, lovingly handcrafted incense that transcends the ordinary.

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We use SENDLE to deliver our magical offerings.

2 planks in a bundle.

Each plank measures 11 by 2.5 cm.

Each Incense stick has approximately 2 hours burn time.

Our Incense is lovingly handmade with essential oils and is 100% plant based. Our signature scent `A T U M is blended on a Sandalwood base. Our Sandalwood is ground harvest from Western Australia. Ground harvest means that no trees have been harmed in the sourcing of this Sandalwood and we only use the branches that have fallen to the ground.  

Using the lens of Shamanism, we weave layers of prayer, ceremony and ritual through every step of their making, transforming this everyday item into a sacred tool. This ceremonial grade incense is perfect for use in your own sacred rituals and is a perfect alternative to a smudge stick. Of course you can simply light and enjoy the intoxicating smell of this beautiful blend.  

These incense sticks have a beautiful smooth, even burn that take you on a transcendental journey. Its magical essence can be felt within minutes as it quietens the mind and clears the space. Surrender to the journey and witness where these potent incense sticks take you.

This item is frequently purchased with our Rose Quartz incense holder.

Using Shamanic principles, we honour the Earth mother, plant, stone and celestial beings in this blend through prayer, offering and drumming. These beings generously share themselves with us here at Love Alkemy, so that we can create these thoughtful and consciously curated offerings for your pleasure and healing.

Using a pendulum the spirit of these beings is downloaded into the incense sticks prior to shipping.  We also bless these incense blocks especially for you.


ÀTUM, lovingly handcrafted incense that transcends the ordinary.

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A Love Alkemy Customer
Australia Australia

Divine earth magick

Absolutely exquisite! This product is crafted under ceremonial magick & exudes an air of mystery that transports me to another time & place.

Australia Australia

Divine, Delicious & Damn Fine!

It was my first-time using incense like this one here and I love it so much. It is nice not to have to use toxic charcoal which takes time and can get messy. These products are high quality and spirited. I use them in my 1:1 spirit healing work and they lift and purify the space in a gentle yet powerful way. I 100% recommend these products to anyone wanting to incorporate high-quality incense and smoke medicine into their lives and spiritual practice and will definitely be purchasing again. Thank-you so much!

Australia Australia

Beauty and the gift of pause.

So in love with this company. Every product is unique, offers a gift of pause. An inhale. This incense is hard to describe. The perfect blend of scents. It's earthy. It's sexy and it's decadent. The perfect balance of masculine and feminine. The scent is something I have never smelled before in that combination. It leaves you wanting more. Whether you are someone to indulge in perfuming your home or sitting in sacred ceremony. It's alchemy. It's pleasure. It's created with heart and love. And you can feel it. Thanks beautiful. Spoil yourself ❤️❤️

Mark A.
Australia Australia


Never have a I come across such a hypnotically transforming incense. The smoke feels both cleansing and transforming whisking you away to ancient ceremony. I can't speak higher about love alkemys incense. The blend of rose and tobacco harmonising the dualities is truly divine. Thank you!

Australia Australia

True Alchemy

This is so much more than just an incense... This is pure magic and true alchemy! The balance in between the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang. I completely fell in love with it as soon as I opened the packet... My entire being shifted into a different realm the moment I smelled it (unlit!) Highly recommended and simply can't get enough!!!


2  `A T U M incense sticks,

each incense stick measures 11 by 2.5 cm.

Burn time 4 hours in each box.

There are two ways you can light and use our incense sticks. Light one end of the incense stick, making sure the whole end of the incense stick is alight. Let it flame for 30 seconds and then shake vigorously to put out the flame. Alternatively, you can break off a small piece of the incense stick and then follow the same lighting procedure outlined above.

We recommend you have a small vessel filled with sand on hand which will make putting out your incense easy. This will allow you to place the lit end of the incense stick into it when you want to stop it smoking/burning. 

If you collect your sand from the beach please ask for permission and give gratitude to the Earth mother, it is custom to take a small offering. We wish to encourage a relationship of reciprocity and respect with the Earth mother, she is a conscious and sentient being responsible for all our needs, all 8 billion of us!

Our Incense sticks are housed in small drawer box made from paper that has been approved by the Forest Sustainability Council, which means that these trees are ethically grown and harvested for the purpose of packaging. When it is time to dispose of your box, it can be completely recycled and so we encourage you to do so.

Incense sticks can most certainly start a fire and should never be left unattended.

If you light incense in a small room without ventilation, it most certainly can cause fire alarms to be triggered. Incense should always be burned in a well ventilated room.

A smudge stick is a sacred tool made up of herbs. The purpose of the smudge stick is to cleanse and bless people, and or spaces prior to a ceremony or ritual practise.  The tradition is born from first nations cultures the world over. The herbs used to make the smudge stick and the intentions for the ceremony and or ritual may vary slightly from one first nations community to another but the essence of the practise is the same, and is centred around preparing people and spaces mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically to enter ceremony and ritual.

Prior to using your smudge stick take time to centre yourself. You can do this by taking a few deep breaths into the body. As you drop deeper into relaxation and embodiment get clear on your intention for smudging. Once your intention is clear, open you eyes and light your smudge stick. Follow the instructions under how to light incense in FAQ on this page.  

If you are smudging yourself or another person wave the smudge stick around their body starting at the crown of the head and working your way down to the feet. Be careful not to catch clothing, hair or skin.  

If you are smudging a room walk through the room in a clockwise direction, being sure to give special attention to the corners and hard to reach places. Example, under couches. Open all windows in the room you are smudging prior to smudging and close doors if the open door leads to other spaces in the house that you are not smudging.  

When smudging a room, it is also wise to have a small container of salt present to soak up any toxic, harmful and stale energies. Connect with the consciousness of the salt to activate it and be clear that its purpose is to act as a drain for the dense energies to land into.

Ceremonial incense is incense crafted specifically for used in ceremony and ritual. These can include but are not limited to, life transitions and births. The intention and the creation process by which they are midwifed into life is what gives them potency and activation.

The crystal essence capture techniques that have been used to create these products have been taught to me by my stone medicine teacher Sarah Thomas. These teachings have been passed down to her by her teacher Jeffery Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest of the Jade Purity Lineage. Once the essence is made, it is woven through the essential oil and used throughout the making of the products in this gift box.

We activate the prana of the Sun, both physically and metaphysically using techniques shared by Sharon Bold from Shamanic energy training. 

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