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Inner Alchemy Bliss starter pack

This duo is designed to kickstart you on your ritual journey.
Ceremonial cup, Delicious homemade, organic tea free chai, check.
Let’s get you started.

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We use SENDLE to deliver our magical offerings.

This duo is designed to inspire the act of ritualising your morning chai brew. We live busy lives, in a noisy world. Carving out moments to cultivate a connection with spirit through ritual is key to finding stillness, peace and meaning to our sacred incarnation and Earth walk.

Meditation should go with you, should flow with you. Move with you throughout your life. It is not something confined to a time and space on a mat.

Because of the handmade nature of this ceremonial chai cup, each piece is unique. A true moment in time. Made from a local clay in Dehua, the clay capital of China.

When designing this cup, we took the time to research the ancient India style of ceramics and so have delivered something reflective of the signature style from times gone by. It is our way of honouring this lineage. We believe by connecting with the past in this way, a past where the fabric of the community was rich with spiritual meaning and devotion to ‘great mystery’ it will awaken the dormant cellular codes within you. Allowing you to remember the sacredness of your life and all life.

This cup not only looks beautiful, but cups into the hand in a way that feels like it is an extension of them. You get a sense that something special is about to take place just by holding this cup. This means before you even begin to drop inwards the magic has started to happen. Filling this cup with our home made, organic chai that we make with love for your enjoyment, deepens your state of bliss.

We use only the highest quality organic ingredients because your body truly is a temple. Our brew is a classic chai brew, tea and sugar free. It is full bodied, simple to make and absolutely delicious. In Ayurveda Chai is known to activate the chakras from the throat down towards to the stomach. Chai brings vitality, clarity and purity.
Black pepper corn has a lot of solar energy and so it is good for circulation. It also supports clarity of perception and prepares the stomach to receive the chai.
Cardamom is a heart opener hence the word is closely linked to cardiac.
Cloves remove tension and allows the body to become soft and flexible.

Cinnamon improves flavour of all food consumed, Star anise is great for digestion, relieves gas and bloating and is a calming herb. Ginger – enhances the quality of all the spices Ingredients Organic cardamom, organics star anise, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, organic ground pepper corns

This cup is dishwasher safe.

Do not use a metal scourer on this product if washing by hand.

This duo is designed to kickstart you on your ritual journey.
Ceremonial cup, Delicious homemade, organic tea free chai, check.
Let’s get you started.

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