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Our Limited Edition Philosophy Explained

The limited edition nature of this offering is significant, it reflects the
philosophy of our Indigenous ancestors. 
Our vision at Love Alkemy is to midwife beautiful projects earthside, using Shamanic principles to steward the brand in the areas of conscious co-creation, conscious gifting and sustainability.

The limited edition nature of this offering is significant, it reflects the philosophy of our Indigenous ancestors. As stewards of the planet our Indiginous ancestors were mindful that nothing was over harvested. It was the responsibility of the current generations to ensure that they left the planet in good health for those that came after them.

We were deeply inspired and touched by this way of moving through the world and do not believe that growth business models are sustainable. For this reason, we have decided to cap the numbers on our gift boxes. Once we have sold our allotment for the year then this offering will close till the following year.

Conscious of our responsibility to keep our ecosystem in good health, all physical offerings in the Sacred Union Gift pack can be returned to the Earth with minimal impact on the ecosystem. We have put much thought into how we can leave minimal negative or harmful impact in birthing this physical product into life. Here is a breakdown of each item used in `Atum, the Sacred Union Gift Box.

Candle vessel is made from porcelain, it can be reused but at the end of its lifecycle it can also go back home to the Earth Mother.

We use RSPO Soy wax to make our candles. RSPO approval ensures that the soy wax we are using is sustainably grown soy and no forests are being destroyed to grow this product.

Handmade incense blocks are made using ground harvest Sandalwood. This means that only the pieces of Sandalwood that have fallen to the ground are used and no trees are felled for the making of these blocks of incense.

Rose Quartz has been chosen for the incense bases not only because they are beautiful and add additional layers of magic to this magically inspired gift box but also because they belong to the Earth and if at the end of their life they are given back to earth they are going home without harm to the Earth Mother.

Our Perfume bottles are made from glass, which makes them easily reusable and recyclable.

All packaging is made from FSC sourced paper. The FSC is a sustainability council which makes sure that paper is made from ethically grown and harvest trees, again ensuring that virgin forest trees are not being used in our products.

Where possible we have used non toxic inks for printing and we have chosen SHIPPIT for our courier company because they are completely carbon neutral.

Beautiful things do not need to cost the Earth.

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