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Rose Quartz Incense Plate ~ Rose Quartz Roller Ball ~ Rose Quartz Wand
Just like a houseplant or a pet needs care so do crystals. Cleansing and recharging are important if you decide to become a crystal momma or papa.

Crystals absorb both negative and positive vibrations from the air and people around them. If you do not clear a crystal and it has absorbed negative energy, the crystalline structure amplifies that negative frequency and continues to do so. What was once an asset can become a liability.

Three simple ways to cleanse your rose quartz;
Smudge by using sage or another dried cleansing herb of your choice. You can also use essential oils for smudging. You can let your crystal lay on the earth for a period of time under the shade of some trees or plants. Just see what feels right for you.

You can run it through clean bodies of water, like springs, streams, lakes or wash it in rain water. if you use this option with the perfume wand do not to put the metallic parts of the crystal wand in water as it will discolour the metal.

Safety Precautions
Never leave candles burning unattended - do not light in a draft - extinguish all candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep.
  • Do not touch or move your candle when the wax is liquid.
  • Burn candles out of reach of children and animals.
  • Burn the candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, book, paper, flammable decorations and anything that can catch fire.
  • Do not burn your candle all the way down, always leave at least 5 mm of non-molten wax at the bottom as this prevents glass containers from cracking or breaking

Should I put the ceramic lid back on whenever I have finished burning my candle?
We suggest that you replace the ceramic lid each time you have finished using your candle. This will prevent any debris from flying away once the candle had been blown out. Ensure the candle has been blown out before you place the lid back on.

Why should I trim my candle wick?
Always trim a new candle wick to ¼”. If you do not cut the wick before the first lighting, the flame will be large, erratic and emit soot. Also, candles will burn up to 25% longer if you trim the wick every couple of hours. Make sure the wick and wax pool are clean at all times.

Why should the candle be free of debris?
Never drop your used match into the candle. This debris can become a second wick, creating two flames and excessive heat. Make sure the wick and wax pool are clean at all times.

Do I really need to use a holder or candle plate if my candle is in a glass container?
Yes, when a candle nears the end of its life, it can transfer enough heat down onto the surface it is sitting on to leave scorch marks or to cause a fire.

Why is my candle leaving wax on the sides of the container as it burns?
‘Tunnelling’, or wax not being burned to the edge, may occur if the candle is lit and then extinguished before the pool of melted wax has formed. Burn your candle as recommended for a minimum of 3-4 hours to ensure that a sufficient wax pool is created.

Why are drafts and ceiling fans a problem when burning candles?
The flame needs stability. A draft will cause the flame to burn inconsistently. The flame may not be as hot as it needs to be to burn off all the carbon and thus will produce soot.

Once I have finished burning my candle, how do I get the remaining wax out of the candle holder?
You can place the glass into a freezer. This will usually shrink the wax from the glass so you can just pop it out. If the wax is stuck, let it warm to room temperature. Never use a knife or other device to scrape the glass surface.

What is the best way to extinguish a candle?
The best way to extinguish a candle is to use a candle snuffer. After the flame has extinguished, it is convenient to trim the wick to ¼” with a wick trimmer.

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