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Our Vision

We forget we are made of star dust and the cells in our DNA are gatekeepers of every single evolutionary shift that has ever taken place in the story of life here on the planet.
Conscious gifting and co-creation were a way of life for our ancestors, their gifting practises were surrounded by ritual and held sacred meaning. It is a stark contrast to our modern experience of gifting which is steeped in industrialisation and excess.

The acts of creativity and co-creating with life around them were seen as sacred acts. This innate wisdom served as a compass to help navigate their Earth walk ensuring their footprint was light and that their souls were nourished by learning what they came here to learn.

Ritual, prayer, story, art, ceremony, magic and beauty were woven deeply into the hearts of these communities. These practises served as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds, between the profane and the sacred, between the ordinary and the extraordinary. They were and still are the conduit between us and nature in the broadest sense of the word.

The limited edition nature of this offering reflects the philosophy of our Indigenous ancestors, which was to ensure that nothing was over harvested. For this reason, we will only offer the Sacred Lovers gift box once every year and once it has sold out, sales will not reopen till the following year.

Conscious of our responsibility to keep our ecosystem in good health, all the physical parts of this offerings can be returned to the Earth with minimal impact on the ecosystem. All packaging has been sourced sustainability and is FSC approved.

Love Alkemy is an Ode to this ancient wisdom. Our vision at Love Alkemy is to revive and normalise soulful practise, so that we may experience meaning and so that all of nature can return to balance and know peace.

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