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About The Magic

Life is full of magical things patiently waiting
for your sense to grow sharper.
W B Yeats



We forget we are made of star dust and the cells in our DNA are gatekeepers of every single evolutionary shift that has ever taken place in the story of life here on the planet. Walking miracles, holding within our being a myriad of dreams waiting to be charged into existence, through our capacity to focus our life force.

Every moment of our existence is magic and magical, dreamlike in its quality. Really, what is this life when you think about it, we seemingly come from nowhere and depart to where exactly? It is the stuff of dreams and so incredibly magical in its essence, when you stop and give it thought.

The magic in this sacred lovers gift box is an ode to my personal re-membering, which I now want to share.

The techniques are Shamanically inspired. They include Prayer, continued devotion to the plant stone and celestial beings that I have created Àtum with and candle magic almost on the daily.

Energetic cleansing, crystal grids, sacred geometry, drumming and stone medicine have been woven through various aspects of the making of this project. Removal of any trauma that may have occurred during the sourcing of these beings from their natural habitat to their final incarnations or in transit. I ensure the spirit of the beings are returned so that they can operate at their highest frequency in your space. This ensures that when this offering arrives to you it is as activated as it can possibly be.

Finally, everything is blessed before we package it up and send it out.

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